Our main field of operation is sales of packaging materials and providing versatile packaging solutions to satisfy our clients needs.

Our main strength is a multi-national team, which makes operating in different markets much easier, as well as several years of experience working in the packaging field, combined with an extensive list of contacts from different producers ranging from the Far East to Northern Europe.

We are open to working with different brands and producers from all over the globe– the most important criteria for us is the quality of the product, the pricing and the delivery time, but naturally we base our purchasing depending on the client´s needs and resources – both in terms of time and cost effectiveness.

Our mission is to be an honest and reliable partner to our clients. We aim to provide the best quality products at the lowest cost while simultaneously offering innovative, cost saving and environmentally friendly new packaging solutions.

Our vision is to have a great reputation as specialists in our field and to continuously keep ourselves and our clients up-to date in the fast growing world of packaging. Here is our inquiry form: